But it was the kiss, it took me away, it's like he knew that I am fragile, he handled me like glass


And all I can think about is that stupid got lucky and loser won a million dollars. This would make a great movie, little persons. Wrong born people living just right. Spineless people can walk, did you know. They just love it, those who live through the screen. Eyeballs sparkle. Blessing the movies and trying to live by them. Trying to walk without spines, losers tying to win, stupid trying to get it all. All trying to get lucky. Just like the movies. I'm gonna make one about the right people, the right way. Stupid doesn't get it, winner wins and spineless people sleep themselves to death, cos they can not walk or stand straight. They will hate it, They already do.

And as I love the loneliness of loving alone, I'll simply smile a bit to much and proudly say, much to much: Welcome, egos, to behind the scenes. Where we all stand without feet, wondering how we got here.

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insåg precis varför du aldrig uppdaterar, jag har glömt byta bloglovin från ohhoney till fridafb!!!!!!! fina fina bilder och london såg jättefint ut från amandas kamera hhihih

2010-05-02 @ 21:22:50
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2010-05-02 @ 21:23:21
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