She's not lonley, she's sentimental

After all this time, makes it sound like years have passed. Maybe it has? I'm starting to believe you forgot all about me. Did you know that the balaniese judge their age from how old they feel, that's what I've heard. The age of the soul is what matters, not tha age of the body. And I feel ancient. I'm starting to tell the story of my first love, as if I'm talking to my non yet existing future children. "I once had a love called this and he made feel like that and it all started like that. I remember it like this". Obviously this is a rare sentimental feeling. Yesterday I was brobably about nineteen years old, today I'm a hundred. And sometimes I'll be a thousand. It's the night time that throw me off. It's the sleeping alone part, in a bed to big. As if it had an enmpty spot shaped perfectly after your body right nest to me. I don't have to imagine you there to fall asleep, i just do so cos I want to. Makes me feel safe i guess. I never felt right over there, in your life. It was always to manny words unspoken and not enough trust. A simple way to put it would be to say it was just that the time was wrong. But in my heart, i trust, we we're two strangers who chose to fall inlove for selfish reasons. We both took more than we gave, for manny unknown reasons. My soulmate still awaits, and maybe your's aswell. Plato believed that we are sent here to earth as half creatures. We really have four legs, four arms and two heads, but the great Zeaus devided us all into two cos of envy. That much love in one creature must have been seen as a threat. So here we are, wondering about, looking for the rest of our soul, our other half. Still, after all this time, the few months that has passed, all I can think about is your love. Our love, mislead. Possibly misunderstud. Defenetly divine.

Postat av: Bernhardina

Det är mycket riktigt den Karolinska Skolan ;)

2011-03-16 @ 08:33:47
Postat av: Ingrid

sv: Hands all over är fantastisk! Den bilden är dessutom albumbilden för Maroon 5s album Hands all over :)

2011-03-16 @ 09:31:19
Postat av: helena

Vilken härlig blogg du har. Första gången jag besöker den men kommer garanterat tillbaka :)

2011-03-16 @ 15:27:51

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