Jag vill säga att jag älskar dej men det är för tidigt än

I found a card of Trocadero from 1932, it's a place I havent thought much about but stept on from time to time. Trocadero metro station is the one where I always change to get to my baby, I've felt many things walking around there, underground. I've met up with my best friend there, talked to my mother on the phone there. I sat there in the rain watching people from all over the world running pass me, trying desperetly not to let the raindrops touch. I always think of the soda and I always say it in swedish, cos it's the same. Trocadero.

Postat av: Neesha

awww i love it! its a collectors! :)

and i cant wait to meet up with u again thr :D

i rmbr the rain to get ur mum, the thunderstorm with Jerome! memories! hehe

2011-09-15 @ 12:30:05

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