Just don't fall recklessly headlessly in love with me cos it's gonna be all heartbreak blissfully painful and insanity

I sit and think about the day your gonna die and how to paint my walls. The colors fine really, their just way empty. So I'm thinking lyriks and paintings. It's not that it scares me, emptyness, it's just not my style. The floor gets to be empty, cos it never gets lonely. It has friend already, like my feet, or the soft vibrations from the bed as I turn in my sleep. The floor is old and loved. I'll cover my room with paintings of every colour and a mirror on each wall so that IT will feel pretty in it's lonelyness. Young, colorful, lonley, slowly growing. It's the least I can do.

Postat av: elvira

du blir ju bara finare för varje dag som går!

2011-03-10 @ 01:47:33
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