You will always be my hero even though you lost your mind

So it starts with a girl. No, not the classic lovesick Juliette in her desperate longing but an artist, a poet, a loved one, a daughter, a good friend and an old soul. Every night she puts on her favorite beat and starts swinging her head, drastically from side to side in perfect balance with the movements of her body, to get rid of this dreadful headache. Trying to silent the sound of the blood pumping, pumping up to her brain carelessly screaming with all it has got LISTENLISTENLISTEN! She turns up the volume and starts jumping successfully, she's smiling now, she's barely breathing now. The oxygen is escaping her, trying to make some sense of this insane jumping. No oxygen wants to crawl into a tight brain with only denial inside. It's not something pretty, it's not something fun.

And there it is, her body get's really irritated by this selfish behavior and decides to fail her, completely, again. So she wakes up on the floor feeling week, dizzy. She blames the loud music, it's never loud enough. So she sits down in stillness. The room gives her precious silence and she can hear it. She can see it there, behind her shaking lid. The perfect sanity. Her own peaceful mind.

Postat av: Mamma

me like :)

2011-03-07 @ 23:06:37

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