We talk just like lions but we sacrifice like lambs

I miss the loneliness and my empty head. They looked away for a second, I kept my mouth open a second, to long, and they ran away. They took the paris metro and left a mark at every station. I can feel they're breaths sometimes when I walk trough, but im not fast enough to catch them. In desperate longing, I try. I need them in my love and my eyes. I need them to make my clothes fit better. Loneliness, the sound of u makes it seem dark and depressing but your my light and I want u in my smile again. Bring along my empty head would u, I can feel my skull growing bigger of all the hurricane thoughts bumping in to the walls inside, there, it burns. Calm them down and lead them out. To the wild hurricane world where they belong.

Postat av: Ia

Hej! Hur gick det till att du började jobba som au-pair i Paris? Registrerade du dig på några au-pair sidor? Tog det lång tid att hitta en familj?

Ha det bra! :)

2011-11-07 @ 18:54:44

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