Things to do to not get bored when you're having a COLD

Things to do to not get bored when you're having a cold:


  1. Watch a movie ( ofc ), preferable one that makes you cry, cos when your body's sick your emotions are too. This makes you feel whatever for something that doesnt make you seem depressed, lonely or sad for no reason.
  2. Sleep away the time, if you can. Sleep is the best medicine and time passes by faster.

  3. Call your family or friends, someone that is not bothered by you talking for a bit and someone that makes you feel happy. It's a great way to give time to people.

  4. Tidy may sound boring but if you put some music on and organize your wardrobe or things hat you like, it will become peaceful and it gives you something else to think about.

  5. Read a book if the headache is not to bad.

  6. Paint your fingernails and toenails. You have all the time in the world. If you have enough energy you can also scrub your feet so they're nice and clean. It's super good when you have a cold cos you may feel disgusting.

  7. Do something creative that does not take that much energy from you, like blogging, writing, sketching, whatever art you can do in your bed.

  8. Eat something simple and healthy, who doesn't enjoy eating? And forget the hole I have no appetite cos I cant taste the food, you can still feel it and and like it anyway. It's all in the head. If eating is not your thing or your on a diet, just have your favorite tea then.

  9. Get nostalgic, look at old family photos of when you were a baby and remind yourself how lucky you are to have family and friends around you.

  10. Crave some love from boyfriend of mami, you're sick your allowed to need it!

Postat av: mami

:)love you <3

2011-10-03 @ 18:49:35

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